Esther Gokhale, bestseller, 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back, George Foster, book cover design, Foster Covers

8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back
by Esther Gokhale
Cover design by George Foster

#1 Bestseller

There are many books about back pain but this is endorsed by the Mayo Clinic. With that difference, Esther wanted the cover to look different so stand apart from the other books. OK, how do you convey the book’s message without showing the commonly used human figure? As often happens, Mary (my wife) had the perfect concept. Evoke flexiblility and lightness by using a floating feather. And there is an added value because the arch of the feather conveys the curve of a healthy spine. After finally finding just the right feather, our design fell together. Simple, stable, strong and optimistic. She approved the first concept. The book quickly became a #1 bestseller and has maintained a high position in the bestseller lists ever since.