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1001 Ways to Market Your Books
by John Kremer
Cover design by George Foster

#1 Bestseller

Hands-down, the supreme consultant of book marketing is John Kremer. Here is a story. At Book Expo America in 1999, Jack Canfield (co-author of the mega-million-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series) was autographing books. As always, there was a long line of people waiting to meet Jack and get their book signed. John Kremer was one of those people. Jack asked each person, “what’s your name?”. When it was John’s turn, Jack stopped and stared. After a moment, he asked, “Are you THE John Kremer?” Jack jumped up and called to his co-author, Mark Victor Hanson, to meet John. Jack pulled out a copy of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books and showed it to John. The book was scuffed, dog-eared, filled with scribbles, pages were folded over and post-it notes were stuck everywhere. Jack said he kept the book with him always. It was his most prized possession. He excitedly asked John to autograph it.

A little history about John and me: he hired me to design the covers for six or seven of his books in the early days. Then one day, I decided to specialize in cover design. We had become good friends so I asked for advice. He said I should put an ad in his newsletter. It was a great idea and after the first ad appeared, publishers responded. John invited me to his seminars as a guest speaker, and often mentioned me in his consulting and speaking. Then he invited me to write a chapter for his book (the one Jack Canfield loves so much). Wow! Instant fame. And I’ve been in the book ever since. Words cannot express, John.

About the cover: John is a visionary and with each new edition he had fun with the book cover. For this one, the sixth edition, we attached a special card onto the front cover, very innovative at the time. That’s the card in the lower right. For the first print run, it was actually glued on by hand. The card was manufactured by a specialty printer. When you changed your angle of vision the text changed from “Buy This Book” to “Sell More Books” and the border flashed like a movie marquis. It was awesome. If you have a first-run copy, hang onto it because it is a collector’s item now. One of a kind. So is John. Google him and you’ll be a believer.